In other words this meant a growth in e-commerce

In other words th meant a growth in e-commerce. That in almost two years of the pandemic represent. About of total retail sales in the country. Add to the above that electronic commerce achiev a stability of. Of total commerce a percentage that exces. The levels of immiately previous years. Consequently the conditions continue to ext for digital commerce especially. In ventures to maintain its greater penetration in homes and other businesses. As indicat in the same bbva research study for colombia. Digital platforms at the service of brands. In the field of digital marketing your business expos to new challenges.

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In terms of the advancement of information technologies and the opportunities that th represents. The study of habits and uses of the colombian consumer carri out. By mindlabs tween april and may indicat accelerat growth in the use of social networks mobile app designs service and platforms. Among those survey the use of whatsapp increas considerably from in to in and to in . The use of facebook increas from in to in to reach . In and on instagram usage increas from in to in and to in . Which means an opportunity for communication promotion sales and loyalty brands. Through networks and platforms social.

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When ask if they know the digital proposal of the metaverse respond affirmatively and stat that they were not aw of it. On the other hand of those survey express that they follow influencers and said they feel motivat to buy products that promot by EW Leads influencers. Regarding the use and subscription of paid digital platforms of those survey use netflix disney + amazon prime video spotify hbomax and start+. When ask about their preferences regarding in-person or virtual purchases indicat their preference to buy in physical stores and stat that they preferr virtual purchases.

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