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The company In this article we will focus on the performance of PHP, including tests both with and without the database. We will also describe the most important changes and novelties. In short: we will answer the question ‘what’s new. Worth knowing: Another update has recently appeare – performance in benchmark tests Using the latest version of PHP is important because it greatly affects the spee of our website, which in turn affects conversions. By choosing PHP, we are able to shorten the page loading time and thus increase sales. The improvement factor is truly impressive. Servebolt tests compare PHP.

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The test environment was a WordPress . installation with the basic Storefront theme and WooCommerce extension. sample products with various parameters were importe to the store. The results of this test should not surprise anyone, and the conclusions are self-evident. The photo editor latest version of PHP allows you to make more requests in web applications, thus speeing up the loading time of websites. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market that supports the latest PHP.

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Both items were deprecate in version. The define function has a parameter that allows you to declare a constant without case sensitivity  third parameter , values: true false. In PHP the above parameter has been remove. We answer phones, respond to emails, do not hide costs, and additionally offer the fastest hosting packages on the market. Do you think these are marketing phrases? Check it out for yourself!WordPress . now available! WordPress is here! The EW Leads most important update of the year was release yesterday November and in some ways, it change WordPress forever.

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