Like we digital bank transfers through applications

Like we digital bank transfers through applications or qr codes grew and will continue to do so as well as online purchases sales and reservations. According to sandro marzo managing director partner of bcg and who participat in the research we have cit “these trends present a unique opportunity for companies to take advantage of the wave of market growth and capture sh.” The above the starting point of a series of emerging trends in the colombian consumer that were reviv during and after the pandemic. For example Notorious support for local businesses and ventures through their social networks and their respective e-commerce.

 How to protect it

Establh the smartphone as a tool that brings its user closer to a world of learning opportunities as well as access to the nefits of products and services and making more inform decions. Greater approach to digital platforms cause they facilitate various mobile app development service errands of daily life. Expand the use of facebook from networking to mium to learn about local brands. If you want to expand your knowlge on th topic take a look at the free course “emerging trends in the colombian consumer” . More digitalization in small and mium-siz companies.

Data is the essence of a company

A recent study by bbva research in cit by infobae analyzes the recent havior of colombian buyers. One of the conclusions that they now much more agile in digital as. In addition it highlights that accessibility to banking through applications websites whatsapp EW Leads and social networks also characterizes small and mium-siz local businesses that have adapt to online sales. On the other hand the study found that during the pandemic colombians increas the time spent on the internet which went from fore the appearance of covid- to at the end of.

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