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With 376 students from 2 courses and 9 teachers from the Administration and Marketing, and Business Administration and Management, we were present at the 6th ition of the X-PRO Challenge organiz by the Andres Bello University (UNAB) of Chile. The activity took place during the 2023-1 semester and had the social company Late! as a case study. of Chile, which donates 100% of the profits generat to prestigious foundations that work with vulnerable people. The X-PRO Challenge brought together 156 multicultural teams, which fac demanding challenges of evaluation, research and design of proposals align with the company Late! The academic support was the execution of 6 international Webinars implement by teachers from each of the participating organizations.

Reasons of Reaching the

Moises García Jimenez and Carlos Alvarez Zapata (Los Olivos) were the representatives of the UPN with the topic: “Value Proposition and Marketing Mix” . Augusto Cáceres, Dean of our Business Faculty , said that “It is necessary to evaluate students throughout the teaching-learning process and expose them to complex challenges in which they must show their skills and develop business database competencies aim at consolidating high-level professionals.” . The winning team of the X-PRO Challenge 2023-1 was made up of the Administration and Marketing student , Xiomara Florita Bethsabeth Nunton Huamani (UPN), Sthepany Mejía and Dayanna Sani from UCUENCA , Lady Alejo from UNAB and Shara Torres from CUC .

Level of Leading Above All

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The event generat a positive impact for them because they work collaboratively with their peers from other countries and develop their communication skills, promoting real, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship, and privileging the Circular Economy . Not only  José Jorge Mauricci, Faculty Specialist and representative of the UPN at the event, highlight that “To develop competitive professionals under a situation as unstable as the one we live in. Not only it is important that young people push themselves in sophisticat situations in which they put their skills EW Leads to the test. perseverance, discipline, resilience, emotional intelligence and communication at all levels to achieve the desir objectives; international activities such as the X-PRO Challenge ”He assur.

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