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In addition, he explain about results management and impact measurement to see improvements in ventures. Also about the importance of innovating, new resources and design processes in the initial stages of the conception of the inclusive business. The event clos with the presentation of some success stories of inclusive ventures such as agriculture, food security, beauty brands, biodiversity festival, among others.The Business Faculty organiz the . Not only Cannot Simply Give ExpoInnova 2023-1 entrepreneurship fair titl “S ustainability and ethics in business,” which includ 46 courses in the faculty’s 12 majors, selecting 347 interesting projects for the semi-final stage on campus; Among them, 56 qualifi for the National Final held by each professional race.

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“Students in their higher ucation ne to keep in mind the responsible alignment in business with creative, scalable and sustainable proposals, which add value to society in the changing current and future market”; said Augusto Cáceres, dean of the Faculty of Business. The event generat a great positive impact on our community by promoting research, development and innovation capacity. There was quite business lead a bit of creative spirit in projects; and support in the implementation of innovative business ideas with solutions that respond to the new market environment, align with the Sustainable Development Goals. The Expoinnova 2023-1 Entrepreneurship Fair was develop considering 3 categories: Entrepreneur, Owners of your destiny and UPN DNA, in congruence with the UPN ucational Model 3.

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The National Final defin the best project for each race and category of our 7 locations locat in Lima, Trujillo and Cajamarca. The teams submitt their ventures to professionals specializing EW Leads in the field of business. After an exhaustive evaluation, 36 interesting viable projects that contribute to society were declar winners. José Mauricci, Faculty specialist, highlight the participation of students from all cycles in their respective careers at the Faculty of. Not only. Cannot Simply Give Business; since it contributes to developing skills directly relat to their specialties and to being masters of their destiny, giving them tools to be their own bosses.

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