Don’t Forget to Retain Existing Customers!

 Don’t forget to retain existing customers! Customers. Business take care of all customers. Even the “Old” ones! The main concern of those who have a business is certainly finding new customers! It’s normal for . This to be the case: there are never enough customers and you nee.  To work continuously to expand your business and feel a little . Calmer. Neglecting to retain previously acquire customers to focus all your energy on new ones is not a good marketing and sales strategy! “old” customers are a very important resource! A satisfie customer is the best sponsor of a business: he remains a potential buyer and is also a promoter of the brand. Which he introduces to other people through the viral mechanism of word of mouth! Whether you are an online store. 

What loyalty techniques to implement

A physical retail store . Even a small one. Always do your utmost to satisfy and delight your customers in the best possible way. Taking the utmost care special data of them! Loyalizing existing customers has more than one advantage retaining old . Customers is a simpler activity than acquiring new customers and it is also a more profitable activity! 80% of the profit always comes from 20% of the customers! There is not only an economic advantage on the revenue side. But there is also the savings side! Retaining existing customers is a less complex and expensive activity: in fact. You spend much more to find new customers!

There are many ways to retain the acquired customer

Those who already know the brand and the quality of the products and services purchase previously . Will be more incline to buy again: with EW Leads a promotion or a personalize offer. It is very likely to get a sale! In these cases. The seller has already establishe a relationship with the customer and will have to take . Action to take care of it and improve it: the basis of this relationship is. In fact. Trust. Which must be constantly nurture! The case is different for those who have never made a purchase and don’t know your company! In this case the probability of concluding a deal is lower: it will therefore take a good advertising communication job.  To try to convince target people to buy something they don’t know and don’t trust much!

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