How to create a blog from scratch

A blog , or in Spanish How to also a log , is a periodically updated website. Therefore, that chronologically compiles texts or articles from one or more authors, with the most recent appearing first, where the author always retains the freedom to publish what he or she believes is relevant. This English term blog or weblog comes from the words web and log . The term log , in reference to. Therefore, the old ship logbooks , is preferably used when the author writes about his own life as if it were a diary , but published on the web (online). 

Previous questions before creating a blog from How to

Before starting to create a blog about fashion, travel, cooking, digital category email list marketing or any. Therefore, other topic, and given that this requires a great effort, I want you to answer these questions. And if the majority answer is “yes”, go ahead! You have all my support. Do you have something to tell? If you have nothing to contribute, it is better not to say anything. Shooting other. Therefore, people’s articles is highly frowned upon. Being a blogger implies wanting and knowing how to present something in a clear and concise way, it is better to leave aside. Therefore, metaphors and convoluted rhetorical figures. Therefore, if you have something to write, write it in a way that is of interest, ensuring that readers reach the end of the post. 

Guide to creating a blog step by step scratch

Below I am going to explain step by step EW Leads everything you must specify before creating your blog. Pay attention! Objective of the blog. The first thing we. Therefore, have to be clear about to create a blog from scratch is the objective. The objectives can be diverse: creation of personal branding to position ourselves as experts in a field; as an SEO strategy, to sell training or infoproducts, to generate qualified leads… If your goal is to get rich, it’s better not to start. Target Audience . Who do you want to read to. Therefore, you? Identify who you want to target with your blog posts and define that profile. 

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