Advertising fraud reduces ROAS by 11%

Ad fraud is a big problem for marketers. As our annual Ad Fraud Report reveals , it is a global problem, with no country, company or organization beyond its reach. The damage is monumental, with ad fraud expected to cause up to $100 billion in losses by 2023. Additionally, ignoring ad fraud reduces advertising professionals’ ROAS by 11%. Despite this data, most marketing teams still do not give ad fraud the necessary importance. Fraud techniques evolve and expand at a dizzying pace, so without the necessary effort to combat it, ad fraud will continue to undermine advertising performance.

The truth about the impact of ad fraud on marketing

First, it quickly empties advertising category email list budgets , which is obviously a big obstacle for marketers. The more you waste on fake leads and conversions, the less budget you can put into advertising to real customers. And secondly, ad fraud distorts the advertising analytics of campaigns , which can lead to erroneous decision-making for future campaigns. Therefore, digital fraud negatively affects the optimization of advertising investments. For example, ad fraud can result in a high click-through rate associated with minimal conversion rates. These “bad results” can lead you to cancel the campaign, even though the result would be good without the impact of ad fraud.

There is no budget to combat advertising fraud

On many occasions, advertisers EW Leads are aware of the problem but feel that they do not have the necessary budget to address it. The pressure to increase advertising revenue means it may seem more profitable to spend more money on advertising campaigns or hire advertising specialists rather than investing in another SaaS tool. However, with ad fraud costing businesses $4,500 per hour and limiting ROAS by an average of 11%, it’s worth investing in a number of strategies to drive results faster. Furthermore, if we take into account that anti-fraud solutions are economical, we consider that it is time to make the investment.

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