YouTube video is a sharing site that

What are YouTube videos? In the modern digital era in 2023, it feels quite right to market business content through videos on the YouTube platform. YouTube video is a sharing site that facilitates all forms of video and audio media sharing. To this day, YouTube video is one of the most popular viewing platforms for almost all groups. In fact, YouTube video content is the reason businesses need YouTube video creation services to introduce brands to customers. Reporting from, as many as 93.8% of people in Indonesia have made YouTube videos as one of the most watched social media.

Through YouTube businesses also have the power

To connect with a large and  UAE Phone Number List diverse  audience. In fact, more than 1.9 billion users log into YouTube each month. YouTube in general is an open platform. Reported by its official website, YouTube shares their values ​​based on four main freedoms, namely freedom to get information, freedom to use opportunities, freedom to have a place to work, and freedom of expression.  Brands Considering that YouTube video was the most popular platform in the previous year, it is quite appropriate for business brands to start using YouTube as an effective marketing tool in 2023.


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You can see the key YouTube video marketing

Statistics for 2022, 82% of internet  EU Email  EW Leads List traffic is YouTube video users. YouTube has become the second largest platform after Google in the world. Not only that, the existence of YouTube videos also helps users to decide what they want to get from the products offered by the brand. There for customers prefer to watch videos of a product rather than reading product descriptions or captions. Why do so many business people make YouTube videos? No need to be surprised when in 2023 many business brands use YouTube video creation agencies from the digital marketing campaign section. Because the power of video marketing can help brands sell their products or services.




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