These video games that teach you to undertake

The video game marketis a great success that has only grown in recent years. The sector’s global turnover in 2018 is estimated at 137.9 billion dollars, or 13.3% more than last year, according to forecasts by Newzoo (firm in terms of information on global business of games , e-sport and mobile, editor’s note) via data from Statista (site that buys, produces and gathers statistics, surveys and sector studies, editor’s note). According to the same source, it will increase to more than 180 billion dollars in 2021. In France, in 2017, the market grew by 18% compared to 2016 and reached a record turnover, with 4 .3 billion euros, in accordance with the study “The Essentials of Video Games”, carried out by the SELL (Union of Leisure Software Publishers, editor’s note).

Startup Company running a computer software company

Do you dream of being the leader. Of a start-up specializing in new technologies? The simulation game Startup Company, developed and published since August 2017 by Jonas Hovgaard of the Danish studio Hovgaard Games, makes this possible. Of the “sandbox” type (“sandbox” in French, a type of gameplay in which players have total freedom in their Korea Telegram Number Data interactions, editor’s note) and playable solo, the user finds himself in the shoes of a CEO and must do everything to develop his computer software company. A mode of construction then allows him to design and arrange his entire establishment as well as his office in an open space manner. As in reality, the entrepreneur will, from the beginning.

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Business devenir leader sur les contenus mobiles

Have to finance his business through capital and a loan. From the bank, and obtain hundreds of contracts from customers in order to expand it. It will also try to compete with giants in the technology industry through Ew Leads advantageous services and prices. Within the start-up, the player will employ qualified collaborators and employees such as IT specialists or marketers, while improving their working conditions in order to keep them motivated and promote profits and the arrival of new employees. With the help of its developers and graphic designers, it will design components and modules to deploy innovative software and update it regularly.

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