The DNA business a booming market

The idea of ​​carrying out a DNA test runs through the minds of many. French people to discover their ancestors and their genetic heritage, but also on the side of genealogists, to facilitate their research. Nearly 56% of French people would like to carry out a DNA test, according to a survey carried out last May by Généanet (French genealogy website offering a database fed by participants and intended for the general public, editor’s note), on a panel of 20,000 users. Generation Y, which includes all people born between 1980 and 2000, is the one who most wishes to embark on this type of process, ie more than 85%. Still, nine out of ten respondents want these tests to be carried out by a company from Europe and to be controlled under the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation, editor’s note).

Multiple companies in the United States and Europe

For more than 40% of genealogists these genetic analyzes. Are necessary to obtain cartographic data on population migrations. Of all the people surveyed, two out of three agree with the idea of ​​authorizing this practice in France if it is supervised, including more Kuwait Telegram Number Data than 86% among those under 25 years old. Overview of this business that seduces the world. Paying one hundred to several thousand dollars or euros to receive a collection kit, with two cotton swabs and instructions for use, to then send it back in order to know its ancestors and its genetic heritage. More and more people around the world are doing it. This is partly thanks to the unimaginable collapse in the cost of sequencing.

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Supervised practices even prohibited in France

Where a decade ago it cost more than 100 million dollars. Today anyone can decipher a human genome for less than 1000 dollars. In 2014 alone, the genetic testing market was already worth $20 billion. It should be estimated at 25 billion dollars per year by 2021. A real craze in the United States, it would be more than 1.5 million people who. During the last Ew Leads Black Friday, ordered a test from the company. AncestryDNA. The country of Uncle Sam is indeed the land of choice for this type of activity. Genetic testing companies have mushroomed, highlighting companies like 23andMe. She is the pioneer in this sector where she offers DNA tests at home, starting at $99. Customers just need to send in a saliva sample and receive information about their ancestry as well as details about their health, such as cancer risk.

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