These technological objects that fight against heat waves

Created in 2015 by Bertrand Bourgeois. The Breton start-up CryoInnov, specialized in thermoregulation (process allowing an organism to maintain a constant temperature, editor’s note) and cryotherapy care (method involving cold to treat and relieve pain, editor’s note ) offers cooling jackets. These garments allow in less than fifteen minutes to better stabilize the user’s heart rate and regulate their body temperature to 37 degrees. To achieve this, they have pockets in which are transposed cold packs incorporating First+Ice technology. This formula composed of water and polymer beads (substance made of similar molecules, editor’s note) freezes to prolong the sensations of freshness for more than two hours, without causing burns, since the temperatures are fixed between one and five degrees.

SmartDuvet and its temperature-regulating duvet

A first jacket called “Cryovest Sport” was first designed in 2008. For French athletes selected for the Summer Olympics in Beijing, to increase performance and physical recovery. With the collaboration of INSEP (National Institute of Sport. Expertise and Performance, editor’s note), the company then tested other prototypes. To decline them in the Turkey WhatsApp Number Data professional sector with “Cryovest Industry” with firefighters. And workers in the steel and metallurgy industry as well. As in the medical and public sector with “Cryovest Boléro” for the sick and people suffering from heat on a daily basis. The price of the products varies between 216 and 300 euros. The jackets appeal since many Tour de France cyclists use it. Launched by Tina Cayouette, the Canadian start-up SmartDuvet has invented a connected duvet to regulate the temperature.

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Auxivia and its glasses preventing dehydration

The company had already made a name. For itself with its connected bed capable of making itself at a time when the user decides. A sort of inflatable sheet that is placed between the duvet and the cover, the product uses. The air heated by a silent control Ew Leads box located under the bed. And distributes the flow on each side of the bed. A network of ventilation tubes takes care of administering the air conditioning and is thus connected to the Wi-Fi. A couple of sleepers can then decide whether they want to heat or cool their own side as well as set the temperature over a specific period. , simply by using the SmartDuvet application on their smartphone or tablet.

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