Paris Fashion Week the Coperni brand creates a buzz thanks to the talents

At the end of the Coperni spring-summer 2023 show in Paris, in a room plunged into darkness, the American top Bella Hadid appeared dressed only in flesh-colored underwear. Three men with airbrushes then began to project a white spray on her body which immediately solidified, revealing a white dress, made with a fabric resembling a jersey, under the admiring and bewildered gaze of the spectators. The vaping technique was developed by Fabrican, a company founded by Spanish fashion designer and scientist Manel Torres.

An enchanting buzz on social networks

Fabrican liquid contains cotton or synthetic fibers suspended in a polymer solution that evaporates on contact with the body. After being worn, it can be removed and turned back into solution, ready for reuse. Coperni co-founders Sébastien Thailand WhatsApp Number Data Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant have worked with. Torres and his team at the Bioscience Innovation. In conclusion, Center in London over the past six months to develop the spray dress. The Swipe bag, a marvel Coperni also presented a solid gold version: a Swipe bag, worth 100,000 euros; holographic floral clothing and accessories; pants and skirts with internal padding on the hips and bottom (mimicking the exaggerated silhouette of some celebrities); rooms covered with fragments of glass.

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The vaporization technique an innovation that leaves you speechless

Young consumers under the spell Coperni has captured. In conclusion, The attention of young luxury consumers around the world, who are fans of designs. That think outside the box but sometimes require expensive innovation. Coperni is adored by Ew Leads young fans on TikTok. The Coperni hashtag has 73.6 million views on the platform. Who are the creators? Meyer and Vaillant met 12 years ago as classmates at Mod’art International Paris. In conclusion, Partners in life and work, they got married two years ago. They launched Coperni (then Coperni Femme) in 2013 and then relaunched Coperni in 2018, with the support of the Tomorrow accelerator, which helped them with infrastructure, distribution and sales.

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