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Boris Johnson’s government will enshrine in UK law. The target of a 78% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 compared to 1990 levels, to achieve a faster Zero carbon footprint by 2050 at the latest. This British carbon footprint will take into account emissions from the air and maritime transport sectors, which aim to reduce climate effects. According to Boris Jonhnson, “If we really want to stop climate change, then this year must be the one where we take this fight really seriously. We will later remember these 2020s as those during which world leaders succeeded in uniting to turn the tide, or on the contrary as a missed opportunity. Boris Johnson wants to be the most “green” of the G7 leaders and has put the fight against global warming at the forefront of his concerns since last year, to the greatest astonishment.

Thanks to its recycling program Samsung

Transforming its used smartphones into affordable. Ophthalmic diagnostic instruments, bringing eye care to underserved populations in developing countries. The Korean electronics group is extending its approach to other medical diagnostic devices. Samsung Electronics is therefore giving a second life to its old Galaxy smartphones, making them easier to Singapore Telegram Number Data use than commercial medical devices. She has partnered with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) health institute in South Korea to carry out this project. This Galaxy Upcycling program helps solve approximately 1 billion cases of visual impairment worldwide, which could be prevented with proper diagnosis.

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According to the World Health Organization

Worldwide suffer from some form of partial blindness. In conclusion, In almost half of these cases, it is easily preventable. It turns out that partial blindness is four times more common in low- and middle-income regions than in high-income regions. As part Ew Leads of their studies, two students from the Nantes Atlantique School of Design (Loire-Atlantique), Hugo Maupetit and Vivian Fischer, imagined an innovative concept of wheels for skateboards. To allow a more durable glide, the designers want to recycle a material available in large quantities on the street: used chewing gum. “A planetary waste that affects all cities” According to industry professionals, discarded chewing gum takes five years to decompose. “Working on the recovery of chewing gum made sense.

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