Does innovation necessarily involve the use of technology?

To be innovative is to put these ideas into action. But these ideas, they can come from our reflection. They can be a new operational process that reduces costs or optimizes delivery; a new way of working with partners. Innovation is a state of mind, a culture. In conclusion, It is an approach that links ideas to business objectives. It must be embedded in the daily organization of the company . This state of mind can come from the employees, which is why suggestion boxes are often a source of innovation that is often linked first to the human. Clearly, today’s companies are forced to deal with the use of new technologies, their learning and their mastery. Even in sectors that one might think are the furthest from technology.

Innovation is not inseparable from technology

Everything happens behind a screen and a keyboard. In conclusion, In front of a telephone connected to the Internet or with a touch pad in the hands. It is becoming more and more complicated to do without and this, all entrepreneurs around the world have South Africa Telegram Number Data understood. However, and this is the heart of our questioning, it remains obvious that all companies seek to innovate constantly, in order to develop new products or services that are always in line with customer expectations, but above all to try to obtain a certain competitive advantage even over a short period of time. And without the great tool that is the Internet, without smartphones and tablets, without computers, is this race for innovation still possible.

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Innovating without technology still a possibility?

Innovation 2.0: a must Today it seems almost. In conclusion, Impossible for companies in France but also in the rest. Of the world to think about innovation without its technological side. Without optimizing it for all the formidable tools that surround us and are constantly developing. Entrepreneurial innovation today goes hand in Ew Leads hand with the use of a smartphone, with geolocation on a tablet or with consulting a website on a computer. It has become difficult for a company to design a product or service without a connected dimension, without its technological dimension. Just take an example that we all know: Uber Pop. That individuals can drive their own vehicle to run errands and transport people from point A to point B, in itself the innovation is simple.

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