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Created and directed by Ludivine Romary. MyEli, has just launched for the end of year celebrations a connected jewel which allows in one click to send an SMS alert to the person of your choice in case of danger. The Bordeaux startup, which has just received a prize for CES, had to solve a major challenge: that of miniaturizing its technology so that it fits in the 1.8 cm diameter jewel. To do so, the entrepreneur has partnered with two research centers and now wants to raise funds to create the Bluetooth antenna and take into account the “clearance zone [connection authorization] of 30 meters. Céline Lazorthes, founder of Leetchi/MangoPay, embarked alongside Jonathan Benhamou on a new adventure in February 2021, Resilience.

Connected jewel to protect young urban women

A start-up that wants to solve the problem of cancer care. The company wishes to improve the information transmitted to the patient, particularly on the choice of treatments and follow-up through increased remote monitoring. Resilience is a free Greece Telegram Number Data app for patients and medical staff that provides information through articles, videos and podcasts. It must be said that with 18 million new cases of cancer per year and an increase in cases each year, specialized personnel remain insufficient. Volvo has just invested 2 million dollars in the start-up Spectralics, a company specializing in optics and imaging. In particular, it develops an optical film that is applied to transparent surfaces of all sizes and shapes.

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A start-up against cancer launched by Lazorthes

Placed on a windshield or on a window. It will transmit information in augmented reality. The main advantages of this technology would be to improve. The user experience and security, even if other uses can be envisaged. Volvo is however not the only one to Ew Leads have invested in the matter since. Volkswagen or Mercedes have also positioned themselves on this innovation but only on certain models. An evolution that could well be generalized on all vehicles in the future. Artificial intelligence is taking a big step in health. With this investment announced on the French pharmaceutical giant. Sanofi brings the startup Owkin, founded in 2016 in Paris, by doctors. Thomas Clozel and Gilles Wainrib into the world of Unicorns.

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