Ideas always innovative and adapted to a new reality but also laws

The Montpellier start-up, which reconditions mattresses. Each month collected from major hotel groups, specialized stores and individuals, via eco-organizations mandated by the State, is continuing to grow and should reach a million euros in turnover. The company, which delivers its mattresses throughout France and based in Saint-Aunès (Hérault), gives a second life to the mattress, in particular by stripping them and recycling the cover. Concretely, the company keeps the inside of the mattress (foam, latex or shape memory) and thermally disinfects everything. She then reconditions the mattress and puts on a new cover.

Ecomattresses for a new life for mattresses

A collective of thirty European energy industrialists has. Decided to unite their research to promote green hydrogen at competitive prices in Europe. This alliance, called “HyDeal Ambition”, brings together major groups such as Vinci Construction, Hydrogène de France, Enagas and Falck Renewables. The production of this still Germany Telegram Number Data inexpensive energy (1.5 euros per kilo) would begin in 2025 in Spain. The alliance plans to produce 3.6 million tonnes of hydrogen in 2030 which will be mainly consumed in Europe and in particular in Spain, France and Germany. Since the pandemic, Activup, a Haute-Savoie SME, has had great success with the reorganization of offices and the explosion of telework , until it has caught the attention and the order of giants like Google or Facebook.

Telegram Number Data

Hydrogen promoted by thirty European companies

Activup is considering fundraising to support its development. It is to say the success which it meets!!! For this, she had the brilliant idea of ​​making treadmills for offices, to offer employees the opportunity to exercise while working. An engineer from Haute-Savoie, Nicolas Muron, created the first 100% electric snow scooter in Annecy in 2018. After conquering Ew Leads French ski resorts, Moonbikes is setting out to conquer Scandinavia and the United States. He has designed a clean, light and silent machine that is popular in ski resorts (100% electric, light (87 kilos) capable of going at 42 km/h, autonomy of one to three hours. And to develop further, the company has just raised 4.5 million euros to develop in Scandinavia and the United States, which represent the largest markets in the sector.

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