Image size on Social Networks 2020

Image size on Social Networks 2020. There has been a lot of talk about the size of the images that we can use on our social networks. Without a doubt it is a bit chaotic because even in each of them there are different dimensions. But yes, size matters. The truth is that new formats are appearing, adapting to the needs and demand of consumers and users within the networks as part of the most important digital platforms for business. I hope to refresh your memory and, perhaps, discover some dimension of images for your content.

They understand that in every story there is a purpose

They understand that in every story there is a purpose Did you know that Storytelling has three main functions? entertain, educate or persuade. And I guarantee that all three help a lot in business. The success or expected result of the narrative we use to tell our story in our business depends on three things: 1. Know what and why top people data you want to use it. 2. Know each audience to whom you are going to tell that story. 3. Be clear if you want to persuade, educate or entertain.

Here is a trick for the quality of images on social networks

The PNG format is the one with the best capacity for transparency. This format can have up to 8 additional bits of information in each pixel, so the quality does not deteriorate as much. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use jpg, I use them, but depending on the content, png is better. Today I bring you the most important sizes, taking into EW Leads account that I have left some so that you do not get overwhelmed. Furthermore, without written contemplations, with hard-hitting images.

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