Advise you on choosing a domain name

April 13, 2023

You can register the name of your limite company as a side page, but as a domain name where your customers land, take for example ” “, ” “, ”” , etc. I hope that the describe principle is understandable to you. Try to keep your domain name short and memorable! Complex and long names don’t stick in people’s minds and are much harder to manually type into the search bar. Will you remember well? I think so! If possible, avoid using numbers, hyphens and full stops! Take some time and write down as many thoughts as you can on your computer or on paper, and maybe that way you will find.

Brainstorm alone or with friends

A word combination for your domain that is very closely relate to your business, which is short, understandable and which can later become. My best suggestion to summarize the above: combine your domain name with words closely relate to your Latest Mailing Database business – understandable to customers and keywords in the domain are like by the Google search engine. Simple! And second: trust your gut. If you still really like your domain name, take it! Two things that should be done before moving on to step three:/family, write down words relate to your service/product/enterprise and come up.

Latest Mailing Database

The brand of your activities

A suitable domain name. Choose the service that EW Leads suits you, where to register the domain and where to host your domain (for .ee domains, always use or ). If you did not understand something when choosing a domain name and would like additional advice, please contact us! You can also call +3725257228 . We will immeiately. installing wordpress The third step: we install WordPress on your website and do the initial setup.

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