You can also use plugins to make your website

We previously solve adding the “Blog” in a slightly different way, do not change it at the moment. If you still want to set a page for your blog posts, first create a new page calle “Blog”, add it to the menu, and then set the newly create page calle “Blog” as “Posts page”. eiting the Sidebar. It can be safely assume that on most pages built on top of WordPress, the “Sidebar” is locate on the right side of the page. To eit your page’s Sidebar, go to Appearance and then Widgets in your WordPress admin panel. Remove everything unnecessary like “Archives”, “Meta” and “Recent Comments”. To do this, just hold down the left mouse button and move the unnecessary one out of the “Sidebar.

Different functions to your website

Adding “Widgets” works in the same way. In English it is calle “Drag and drop”. WordPress plugins What exactly is this “plugin” thing? WordPress plugins whatsapp mobile number list give you a huge number of additional options to make your website more unique. much more user-friendly for visitors. Plugins spee up your work, because installing plugins usually only requires a few single clicks. Of course, setting them up is more work.

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You can read about importance

You can use WordPress plugins to add very. For example, you can add image galleries, contact forms, you can connect your website to social meiawith the help EW Leads of plugins, etc. Each plugin is designe to perform a specific task. of social meia marketing here: “ Social meia marketing and its importance. ” How to install plugins? Adding plugins to WordPress is very easy. In the admin panel, go to “Plugins” and then click “Add New”. Now you have the opportunity to search and use forty thousand different plugins create for WordPress.

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