A Step By Step Guide To Build The Perfect Persona For Your Business

In order to effectively communicate with your audience, you must first identify who your ideal customer is by creating quality buyer personas.To achieve this objective, and accurately reach your audience, you should start by building a buyer persona, also known as a persona. Creating it is the basis of a Digital Marketing strategy.

Buyer Persona Examples

William, 35 years old, married, has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a busy professional routine, although he tries to find a balance between work and family.

He works as a Marketing Manager for a company that supplies kitchen equipment to restaurants.

Pain points
Since the company’s early days, he has been working with spreadsheets to keep track of its customer base, which is growing fast.

Thus, he realizes that an old method is no longer an efficient tool, and the members of his team are complaining about their difficulties in using spreadsheets.

For this reason, he has been talking to the CEO about the possibility of acquiring a CRM system.

However, his boss thinks that spreadsheets are still Whatsapp Data an effective method of tracking sales and keeping a good relationship with customers.

William frequently searches CRM-related terms on Google, aiming to find the ideal solution for their problem.

He even asks for more information when he finds a system that he likes, and also wants to complete his benchmark by email.

He is on LinkedIn, where he regularly consumes content to keep up with his area, as well as on Facebook, which he uses for personal purposes. Also, Willian likes to watch the news on YouTube.

What Is a Buyer Persona

This could be a tricky question. If you look for off-the-shelf persona models to implement in your strategy, you may miss most of the benefits we have covered in this text.

This is because, as you know, each business has its particularities that must be considered when defining the objectives. Therefore, they must also be taken into account when developing the buyer persona.

In other words, do EW Leads not look for ready-to-use personas. Instead, build your own based on the specifics of your audience and of your business.

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