7 intensive days of Online Training for Hotels and Restaurants

In my case I put this online training for Hotels and Restaurants at 99 euros. A training that is valued at more than 1,000 euros. At first I planned to do a one-hour session a day from Monday to Sunday via video conference. The format was online, obviously, and was done with Zoom. I already had the program prepared. It ended up being a completely unusable online training. Seven businesses. Seven days. And damn seven hours! The one-hour sessions became an hour and a half, and on the last day, more than two hours. All sessions were recorded, and the next day they were sent to the students. Every day they received the video and I added a summary of what was discussed.

Online Training for Hotels and Restaurants experienced

In the second session of the online Training for Hotels and Restaurants we talked about the most important points to create an Editorial Content Calendar and some other things. And this was the summary they received along with their recorded session, some books and templates to do it. I do not have the absolute truth, and these are just some email contact list points that I recommend, but what is clear is that in the class we put into practice the content for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Travel Agencies.

Students of Online Training for Hotels and Restaurants

The faces in the image below say it all. She would never have imagined that from minute one there would be such a brutal connection on a human level. Where the professional took a backseat despite being the reason why we met. Each one is more professional and more predisposed to change the situation of their businesses from EW Leads  the humanity of experience. Excellence in online and offline service. Digital Transformation as a tool to connect people. An intense learning with communication between all of us that enriched us as professionals, but above all as people.

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