15 Digital Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

Undeniably, incorporating effective Digital Marketing strategies is a must for businesses aiming to succeed today. We are sure you know that. But it is also a really broad concept, with plenty of different tools and approaches to turn theory into action.

How can you use it in a way that amazes your audience and makes sense to your brand — all of that while fitting into your budget?

The best way to find that answer is to look at successful cases and understand why they did.

To help you with that part, we listed 6 great Digital Marketing examples to get inspiration and learn from.

Focusing on User-Generated Content

Specialized articles are great for creating authority, but there’s another strategy that is perfect for brand awareness, engagement with the public and generating leads organically. We are talking, of course, about user-made content.

Airbnb is a company that fully embraced this Digital Marketing channel by allowing all users to share their travel experiences on all platforms and social media.

But they went even further. What is the perfect content for a hotel business? Tourism, obviously. So Airbnb started to promote Whatsapp Database and encourage videos, photos and travel guides created by owners and clients.

The visual part of it is essential. Instagram is an important channel for the company because it resonates with what its audience wants. This is one of the best digital marketing examples from this list.

And nothing stops you from doing the same. Give incentives and promote the content your leads and clients are creating that makes sense to your business. Let them be part of your brand image.

Taking The Omnichannel Path

Sephora is seen in the market today as one of the big players in the Digital Marketing field. That’s not because of any specific strategy, but how they managed to have a huge online presence overall.

The company’s focus is on EW Leads being wherever its audience is. Social media, of course, has a big role, as the products have a great visual appeal.

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