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Which can lead  Regarding technologies for minors. Usually when the comments are negative, before replying, I check the profile of the person who wrote. In this case I realize that the lady contest these technologies, but without concern she publish in her profile numerous images of a minor who I presum to be her daughter. Here’s what she wrote. “ First of all, I am completely free to publish what I want, I have certainly not violat other people’s privacy. Mom on Facebook with public photos of minors on her profile.

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Of my articles This is the common feeling: a seo expate bd parent has every right to publish photos and videos of his child online or in social networks! What is more precious than your own child? Would all parents do anything to defend him? But they don’t know how to defend it from their desire to show it in public… Mothers, but also fathers, have always put their children on display. How many times have I seen mothers walking around markets or supermarkets with their child in a stroller and seeing a stranger approach them and say: ” What a beautiful baby, ma’am!” and the mother.

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By that compliment. I have not seen EW Leads an y mother, upon hearing a comment like that, cover her child with a blanket, fearing a stranger. After all, that phrase is still consider, and fortunately, a kindness. But if that stranger took her smartphone out of his pocket and decid to photograph the baby in the crib, every mother would get angry and ask to delete that photo immiately. Online, however, parents don’t behave like this. They publish photos and videos of their minor children on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, leaving this “digital product” in the hands of strangers.

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