Virtual reality at the service of companies

This technology first won the hearts of video game enthusiasts. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in an environment. Whether the experience is futuristic or realistic, users are very often amazed by the emotions generated, sometimes it is even almost impossible to tell the difference with reality. Using a headset that is placed in front of the eyes, users embark on extraordinary experiences. Whether produced by brands like HTC, Sony or Oculus Rift, helmets are multiplying and are still very inaccessible to the general public because of their price. But the development of this technology aims to be at the service of everyone in the near future. For the moment, the general public is not moving towards this technology since demand is focused on video games, which are still few in number.

Virtual reality is making great strides

In fact, the most fond of virtual reality are companies. They use it in all directions, whether to develop their business. To help consumers make their choice or even to train employees. Companies are more and more eager for this want to Malaysia Telegram Number Data become and not miss the boat. Recently in an interview granted to Challenges , Hervé Fontaine, vice-president of business development of HTC Vive his collaborations with other companies. Bouygues Construction, Orange and Sodexo use VR to raise awareness or train their employees. For the Volkswagen, BMW and IKEA brands, it is a question of marketing through virtual reality. This technology benefits from a wide range of possibilities for companies, since it is a screen where images are broadcast in addition to interactivity thanks to sensors to enter into immersion.

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Virtual reality a technology for training employees

All sectors can benefit from it and be part of the novelty. Virtual reality headsets are not within the reach of all users. But at the scale of a company, it turns out to be a profitable investment. Now, several software are available to offer immersion experiences at the Ew Leads heart of companies. But some do not yet have the use of these virtual reality headsets. VR can be used for companies that have a lot of employees and for which it is difficult to support training or awareness. Using one or more helmets, they can carry out the experiment when they have the time and the desire. All this avoids reserving speakers, rooms and time slots to sometimes. Have no result because of the boredom generated by this type of event.

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