Are There Disadvantages to Using Prestashop

Prestashop also has some difficulties and disadvantages. Therefore, that can affect the users’ experience, especially compared to other tools in the same segment. Are There Therefore, it is necessary to point out some relevant issues. PrestaShop has a selection of features that allow website administrators to achieve better performance, ease of use, and overall have a complete platform. Therefore, With so many resources, managing ecommerce will not be such a complex challenge. Next, check out what these features are and what they offer in terms of performance.

Are There Monitoring of Client Information

To manage an ecommerce, it is necessary email leads to know more. About the purchasing habits and preferences of your audience, which is only possible if you monitor the metrics and indicators. Therefore, through Google Analytics , PrestaShop makes it possible to control this information and also offers personalized customer management, based on their preferences. Therefore, In practice, this functionality offers an excellent opportunity to get to know your average consumer even better, beginning to segment the product offering more precisely.

Easy Migration From Other Platforms

Presta Shop is not a useful platform only for those EW Leads who do not yet have an ecommerce. It also attracts users who feel conquered by the great offer of advantages and. Therefore, functions and may decide to change the service they currently use and start managing their ecommerce in Presta Shop. To do this, the platform offers an extremely simple migration. Therefore, The entire process is carried out without affecting the availability of the online store. All data is transferred without loss, in a very simplified process.

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