SEO for membership sites with content behind

If you’ve decided to introduce a paywall to your website, congratulations! Now you have the opportunity to generate additional revenue from your content. More and more news websites are choosing this monetization strategy these days.

Popular sites such as, and theathletic. have been using this subscription model for many years with great success. Therefore, it is a validated model.

But how do you ensure your paid content remains visible in search engines? After all, paid content is written for search engines as well as people!

What is a Paywall Paywalls Are a Way for Content

Therefore , it is essential to implement technical search engine optimization (SEO) as part of your paid content marketing.

If certain schemas are not implemented correctly, search engines may consider paid Ws Data content to be cloaked and incur a cloaking penalty on your web pages. Read on to learn more about the specific schema and cloaking you need to implement.

Paywalls work by restricting access to content behind a paywall so that only those who pay or subscribe can read the content. You can use a full paywall, where all content is behind a paywall, or you can use a metered paywall, where some content is provided for free but other content is behind a paywall.

Why hide your content behind a paywall

You can monetize your content by putting it behind a paywall. Plus, people who are willing to provide personal information are usually more interested in your content, which means you’ll get better qualified leads.

It can also help you segment and upsell your already self-selected audience by paying for your content. Finally, paid content is perceived as more valuable.

However, if your website pages are not EW Leads visible to search engines, fewer people will find your website. Why is that so? If search engines can’t find the content on a page, it won’t rank. Pages with thin content have a hard time ranking in search engines.

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