Online and in the classroom

 After unlocking the lock. Click the “activate filevault” button . At that moment the mac will ask if we want: view the recovery key to save it in your mac keychain; associate the recovery key with icloud to allow us to unlock filevault also with the apple id (recommend  solution). After making our choice filevault will begin encrypting the disk. During this operation we will be able to continue using the mac without problems. The encryption process will proce  behind the scenes. Apple certifi  macos courses in espero. Online and in the classroom: discover the secrets of filevault and how to activate it how to manage filevault with mdm and uem solutions on supervis  macs if you have a supervis  mac you can check if filevault is active by following the steps in the previous paragraph.


Companies that use mdm/uem solution

 You may be allow  to manage filevault independently africa email list and without restrictions. On the company side. This solution is not the best because on the one hand. Yes. It protects the data. But on the other hand it gives full control to the user. What if that user for some reason no longer wants to give access to the data? They would be like lost! Apple-ios-deployment for this reason. Companies that use mdm/uem solutions for the distribution and management of devices are advis  to centralize filevault management by carrying out the so-call  escrow of the recovery key directly from the remote management panel.


With the latest operating systems

 The recovery key is sav  within the server and allows the company to EW Leads access the disk like local users of the machine. With the latest operating systems. Apple has made some important changes in the remote management framework which involves the filevault aspect. But which we will not delve into in this article. These innovations mainly concern the choice between the use of the prk (private recovery key) versus the irk (institutional recovery key).   


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