Hotmart Black November: You Win Yes or Yes!

November is the month of the year when customers come to you and you make big sales. This usually happens due to the increase in searches prior to Black Friday. In other words, it is a month that comes with a success checklist:  Increase sales.  Conquer more clients. 

Learn strategies that you can use throughout Hotmart Black the year.  End the year in blue. Whether to make your first sales and grow your business , or to sell and reach more people, there is only one answer: November campaign!

Black November and Black Friday united by the same objective 

The global phenomenon called Black Friday , also known for heating up the market, brings opportunities for those who have or sell digital products and for people who wait all year, before making a purchase, for the super discounts on these dates. This is the time when people are looking for your product the most and are willing to buy the transformation it offers.

And for those who work in the digital market it is executive data the opportunity to close the year with great sales. At Hotmart , large Producers and Affiliates do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Black November campaign. Below we show you some Hotmart Black data that proves it: Those who participated in Black November 2022 and grew the most multiplied their income by 5, 10 and up to 20 times during the campaign.

The Black November You Win Yes or Yes challenge is about to begin Hotmart Black

Is it possible to turn 30 days of big sales into a fun trip where everyone wins? The answer to this question is the Black November Hotmart Black You Win Yes or Yes campaign! In it, you earn by selling more and reaching goals, plus your buyers will be able to EW Leads win unbeatable offers . How does Hotmart’s Black November campaign work? In Hotmart’s Black November you have exclusive challenges and prizes for achieving great results. In other words, Hotmart will reward you for selling. Incredible! TRUE?

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