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How to Of course, a reliable marketing strategy in increasing brand awareness has a great opportunity to bring up top video topics, one of which is by paying attention to SEO with potential target keywords to compete in search engines. YouTube Video More Lik by Internet Users Currently, internet users are adopting video shows that are easy and fast to obtain information. With audio-visual media, both online and offline, it is easier for the audience to digest than other content.  until the end of 2022, it was record that more than 92% of internet users could spend time watching video content.

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Active users worldwide watching or   liking video  UK Phone Number List content online. This explanation is also supported by statistical data from Statista which states that more than 55% of internet users like to watch videos online every day. And more than 64% of potential customers can watch informational videos about products and decide to buy. YouTube Video Becomes a Popular Platform in the World It is undeniable that the existence of YouTube videos has become a trend among the world community as an alternative to everyday viewing.

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The world makes YouTube   the reason for brands to  EW Leads carry out current marketing strategies. YouTube videos are very reliable for a business to do, introduce, and promote their products. With a YouTube video creation service agency, brands can be used effectively with video content marketing tactics as a. Marketing strategy that is right on target. Those are the five reasons for .Brands that need YouTube video . Creation services with various . Expertise that can increase sales through video content. To find the best YouTube video creation services in Indonesia, IDEOWORKS.

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