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Taste your career with Capgemini” program – meetings during which employees talk about the projects implemente by the company and what their everyday work looks like. The spee recruitment model has also been implemente by companies such as GoldenLine (“Rekrutacja24” project) or EY (“Rekrutacja 24 hours” program). Do you want to improve the communication process in your company? With us it’s easier than you think! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Spee ​​recruitment – the most common mistakes Pleasant conversation, no stress typical of traditional recruitment meetings, convenience, the possibility of applying for various positions, getting to know the company from the “human side” – these are just some of the many advantages of spee recruitment.

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The dating formula breaks down barriers, allows you to get to know each other better on neutral, loose ground. The only thing you nee to be successful is the “chemistry” between the recruiter and the candidate. It would seem that spee Latest Mailing Database recruitment is a simple form of recruitment that can bring spectacular results. It allows you to acquire excellent, competent employees in a short time. But is it really so? Unfortunately, if you’re in a hurry something can go wrong. For a quick interview to be effective, it must be conducte in the right way.

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One of the most important elements is the proper preparation of the recruiter. The selecte set of questions is of great importance. Incorrectly constructe questions will not allow you to get to know the potential employee well, check whether EW Leads he will fit into the vision and character of the company, whether he will fit into the team. Too cursory selection of employees can lead to the fact that we choose the wrong people. First impression counts in spee recruitment. Candidates must quickly demonstrate their strengths, knowlege and skills. There is no time for mistakes in spee recruitment. Unfortunately, anyone can get a leg tucke up.

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