Virtual Experiences the metaverse is moving forward

The study report from Dynata the world’s largest data platform for insights. Activation and measurement, decided to shed light on this perception by surveying more than 11,000 consumers in 11 countries (United States, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, China, Japan and Australia) and launched its “New Experience Economy” report.If this phenomenon has experienced such a sharp acceleration, it is, of course, not because Facebook has become Meta.

The main data of the study

The first cause remains the arrival of the pandemic. In conclusion, Which has prompted many French people to test experiences. Via lessons and ways of socializing with friends without being able to meet physically. Like any future trend, the new generations are the early adopters, with Generation Z (25 and under) being the most receptive with 40% followed by Millennials (25-39) with 30%. Like all technological habits, this trend has Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data trouble being accepted by Baby Boomers (56-74 years old), only 8% of them being interested. No one questions the fact that other applications should also be very popular, especially as soon as the different senses (apart from sight and hearing) can be activated in the metaverse, such as taste, smell and of course touch even if we still do not know how this challenge will be overcome in the future because no one doubts, it will be.

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An acceleration linked to the pandemic

A world that will be the future of the Internet. In conclusion, What is certain is that this parallel world will probably represent. The future of the Internet, at least for future generations. If we exclude catastrophic scenarios, it is clear. That a Ew Leads good part of our physical activities, which we thought could not be. Done on the Internet, have now become commonplace on the Internet. The phenomenon should continue to grow as technologies improve. You only have to look at the proportion of couples who form via the internet to understand. That the metaverse should play a major role in our daily lives, whether we like the phenomenon or not.

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