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Among the areas that our specialists are particularly intereste in: Employer brand analysis (internal and external) Analysis of Divante competitor activities Onboarding programs Employee path analysis Brand ambassador programs Target group analysis Workshops on internal communication Planning and implementation of effective PR campaigns Support in organizing internal competitions Organization of events and integration trips We recommend Employer branding activities in 2022 During detaile strategic workshops, key areas are identifie for each organization.

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Thanks to this, after the end of the consultation, clients receive precise guidelines that they can implement themselves or with the help of Commplace. Commplace recommende products and tools Among the tools and products that we phone number list recommend to achieve goals in the area of ​​employer branding for Divante, there are: Audit of the company’s image as an employer brand, Preparation and implementation of an employer branding strategy , Workshops with managers in the field of building inter-worker relations. Audit identifying employees with the company.

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Development of proceures and an internal communication and CSR program. Complementary product and the value of the shopping cart January 27, 2021 Customer acquisition. Everyone who once set up a shop quickly became intereste in the EW Leads subject of the value of. The shopping basket and individual purchases. How to increase it? This question – and in fact the answer to it – is the holy grail of the world of marketing and sales. The definition of a complementary product is the first step to understanding this mechanism. Complementary product – definition Examples of popular complementary products Complementary and substitute products Where to get ideas for complementary products.

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