It’s time to equip yourself with high-tech tools

.The Halo projector has a brightness of 900 ANSI lumens and delivers. An image that can be described as super bright with FHD 1080p resolution. XGIMI, one of the world leaders in portable projectors has announced the release of the object which will brighten up your evenings and which is boosted with artificial intelligence.. Its advantage? It automatically adjusts the screen and brightness very quickly to give you the best possible picture quality. It achieves automatic focusing thanks to its vertical and horizontal trapezoidal correction system. Another strong point: it does not need a power outlet thanks to an integrated 59W battery.

Smart Monitor M8 a versatile screen

Its 2-hour battery life on the big screen is reinforced. By the possibility of using a Wi-Fi connection from any other device connected to the network. Halo+ also takes care of the sound thanks to its box that incorporates combined Harman Kardon and Dolby 10W audio outputs. So you can enjoy distortion-free Hi-Fi sound with Dolby and UK WhatsApp Number Data DTS reproduction. It can serve as a complete media-center running. Ikea, the Swedish giantfurniture, announces with a partnership with Spotify the release of a new product that is surprising to say the least: a speaker lamp. The Vappeby is both a Bluetooth speaker and a lantern. Mobile in nature with its integrated handle, it can be used outdoors thanks to its small format and its IP65 certification which is resistant to rain.

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Halo a video projector that wants to be bright

It allows you to enjoy LED light while listening to music. With 360-degree sound, a boon for those who like outdoor group outings or who are on the move. Its Bluetooth connection allows you to connect it to devices like your smartphone. You can also Ew Leads use Spotify Tap playback™. Of course, it has autonomy and you can use it without a power outlet even if the battery life is not yet known. It charges via USB-C but does not work with a connected home, contrary to IKEA’s habit.Its price: 59 euros. Samsung has not finished competing with Apple with the release of its Smart Monitor M8. Competitor of the Studio Display at a much more affordable price and presented.

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