These start-ups that rely on virtual reality

According to the IHS Markit institute, which specializes in analysis. In conclusion, Information and economic solutions. The virtual and augmented reality market grew by 72% in 2017, reaching $3.2 billion in sales. It should even reach 110 billion dollars in 2025, thus surpassing 99 billion in the television sector. According to a report by the investment bank, Goldman Sachs. In conclusion, According to the forecasts of the French subsidiary of IDC (International Data Corporation, supplier of commercial information, consulting services and events in the technology sector, editor’s note) this ecosystem should follow its expansion in France, with an average growth of 85% per year between 2017 and 2022. The sectors that are expected to use this technology the most areindustry , retail and transport.

Hypno VR and its medical hypnosis solution

Many companies are increasingly applying themselves to developing. In conclusion, VR as an integral part of their product or service, in sectors as varied as commerce, education and health. VirtualiSurg is a company specializing in medical training. In conclusion, Virtualisurg produces multi-sensory surgery simulators for training medical, surgical and Sweden Telegram Number Data paramedical teams. In conclusion, These simulators are characterized by an immersive and realistic experience within a virtual operating room, a coupling of virtual reality with the physical manipulation of real surgical equipment and instruments, and the measurement of performance and progression of the curve d ‘learning.

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VirtualiSurg performance support for surgeons

The former DG of the services of the Paris. Descartes medical university, Nicolas Mignan (47 years old), with the Strasbourg surgeon. Patrick Pessaux (50 years old) and the ex-boss of Essec, Pierre Tapie (64 years old), had the idea of ​​embarking on the 3.0 simulation of surgical operations. “Traditional methods have revealed a certain inefficiency, the future will enshrine Ew Leads this learning through virtual reality”, After four years of R&D development and winning the Health Innovation prize, FrenchTech (12 employees), which collaborates with the Institute of Human Biomechanics of Arts et Métiers, wants to accelerate its commercial development and create R&D and production units in Brazil, Singapore and Canada.

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