These promising sectors for the year 2021

In general, all the alternatives to traditional methods. Of financing such as participatory constitute a buoyant sector and come to compete with the banks. Beyond FinTech, which consists of using technology to rethink financial and banking services, FoodTech (“Food” for “ aliment ” and “Tech” for “Technology”, editor’s note) is also on the rise. Both restaurants and consumers do not hesitate to turn to delivery services such as Allo Resto or UberEATS. We can never say it enough, Big Data is not flawless. The sharing of personal data on the web being done more and more frequently, the risks related to computer insecurity are rising in current debates. Cyber ​​attacks have hit more than one business in recent years and hackers don’t seem ready to let go.

Computer security or cybersecurity

As a result, the cybersecurity market is now. Estimated at nearly $22 billion, according to Gartner. The Internet of Things (IoT) market (as we have seen previously) is constantly expanding! The phenomenon, generated by Big Data, has invaded the Globe. Within the Taiwan Telegram Number Data next five years, there should be more than 50 billion connected objects all over the world. In this sense, getting into the design or even the resale of connected objects such as those from home automation is one of the good ideas to apply in 2021. In connection with the sector of connected objects, within five years, that of drones could create more than 15,000 jobs in France.

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Connected objects the future of Big Data

Whether it is a question of drones for leisure. Military or even intended for agriculture, the market remains to be considered for all those who wish to embark on the Ew Leads creation of a business. Lockdown and the swimming pool market, a winning combination. The number of swimming pools installed in France has almost doubled in ten years, reaching more than 2 million today. France is on the first step of the podium at the European level , and on the second at the international level, which is to say the enthusiasm of the French for swimming pools. In 2020, 197,000 individuals invested in a swimming pool.

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