The idea of ​​creation a genius idea?

April 4, 2023

Michel and Augustin made their cakes in their kitchen. The leader Frédéric Mazzella of Blablacar were hardly better off than the rest of the entrepreneurs since they took years to become at the top. Some even had to radically change their minds to take on a more competitive one. The best example remains Thomas Edison, the chess champion. He became famous for creating the light bulb. If he tried 1000 light bulb concepts, he found the right one, the one that worked and his quotes are only of interest because they represent his struggle to carry out his ideas, among which: The idea precedes the creation of a business.

A project that works from the start?

If she is the intimate friend of the creator, it is also his worst enemy. How many people have not undertaken because they felt they had not yet found the genius idea? In reality, the very concept of “genius idea” often remains a pretext for not France Telegram Number Data undertaking, convinced that it remains perfectible and it very probably is, surely and forever. The exponential development of the activity that you will create depends on a subtle alchemy with your market and on methodical and relentless work, in particular in your positioning vis-a-vis your competition. The quality of the idea is decisive, but you will have to take into account the many information that you receive from your customers, your suppliers or even the reality on the ground.

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The idea is only a starting point a founding element

The energy that you and your team bring to materialize. Your idea and make it happen will be much more important than having a good idea. The history of ideas shows that they are often born at the same time in different places but do not win the same enthusiasm. The bonus goes not to whoever had the idea first but to whoever gets the most out of it, who best Ew Leads embodies it. Investors also often have this reasoning by being more interested in the project leader than in the project itself. Simplify it, improve it constantly and for that take the time to listen and share with as many people as possible from different backgrounds. The first reflex of an entrepreneur often remains withdrawal into oneself for fear that a third party will come and “steal” his idea.

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