Start-ups that open up new opportunities

Shift Technology founded in 2014 by David employs more. Than 350 people, and generates 60% of its turnover internationally. It offers a fraud detection solution using artificial intelligence. It first focused on fraud detection before optimizing claims management, or the detection of financial crimes It also developed the automation of claims management and crime detection for all insurance players. Its objective is to make France the leader in data science issues dedicated to the insurance sector. The health crisis has changed its approach because its process is indexed to the number of accidents and claims. However, the confinements have caused a huge drop in accidents, among other things.

The companion for insurers in the fight against fraud

As a result, it found new opportunities in multi-product investment by putting AI at the heart of customer service and decided to industrialize its process. There is no doubt that his new approach will open up new horizons for him. “Our ambition is to create the largest artificial intelligence research center dedicated to insurance in France. That is to Indonesia Telegram Number Data say more than 300 data scientists who will do just that. This will allow a much stronger commercial penetration in our markets, especially in the United States. The group doubled its transaction volume in 2020 and crossed the threshold of 11 million members. The Covid crisis has been a driving force for its activity, driven by young people who are committed to more sustainable fashion in order to protect the planet.

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Vestiaire Collective sustainable development at the heart of its strategy

The total amount of its fundraising is 397 million dollars. Environmental concerns are essential and individuals wish to consume better and prefer second-hand to new clothes or acquire top-of-the-range clothes at an affordable price. “The idea for finding Ew Leads my business was instilled in my mind during a business creation course. The teacher had given us a little trick to find an idea: he advised us to work on our dissatisfactions. Concretely, he invited us to write down every day in a small notebook the little problems of daily life, what frustrates us, annoys us, bores us, what we miss, etc.

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