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We have information and content for Product Insights Marketing We have local suppliers with fast shipping and a sustainable margin It is not evergreen, however we can create a variable for times of low demand We conclude that it is a product that really has potential to be tested, and it is also in a powerful niche that we could scale with digital products to sleep better, etc. However, it might not be my first choice due to the weight and cost of shipping, as well as the low demand in summer. With this process we have greater certainty when testing the product and we do not fall into spam testing, just because we liked it and want to try it. You have to be rational and avoid becoming emotional when choosing products as much as possible.

Very puritan Product Insights when it comes to SEO

Optimizing and positioning our industry email list Shopify Let’s get into SEO mode. Well, here I have learned and applied many interesting things from my mentorship with Dean and Uncle Romu ;). Google push The truth is that I am very puritan when it comes to SEO, my focus is on the well-known “search intentions”. I simply put all my effort into answering the user’s search intent with killer content, taking into account where they are in the conversion journey. Simple, I give him what he wants. It is extremely common to see how most ecommerce have categories and product.

With this process we have greater certainty

Pages with shabby and sloppy EW Leads descriptions, since they only focus on their advertising campaigns and logistics. It is there where we have a competitive advantage, where we can stand out and make that client stay with us. I mainly optimize two things in my stores: Category Pages Product pages How do we do it? First, we understand that although many people have the same problem or need, they will look for it differently. Let’s see it with an example. Problem or need : Person looking for a weighted blanket to reduce their anxiety at night and thus sleep better.

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