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Valéeo has created a contactless terminal that detects Covid-19 in two minutes. At the Munich Motor Show, the French automotive supplier Valeo created a surprise by presenting a Covid-19 detector to which it attributes the qualifier “revolutionary”. It is a small white cube of one meter by fifty centimeters, equipped with sensors, which, in two minutes, is able to affirm whether a person is a carrier of the Covid-19 virus, with a reliability of 94%. Admittedly, Valeo since the health crisishas manufactured protective visors, resuscitation respirators to meet the needs of the population. “This was developed with medical teams to understand the metabolism of the human body and its needs”. This patented detector should be approved within a year and can then be deployed in emergency services, stations, airports, etc.

Valéo opens up to new horizons

The objective is to be able to use it in all places. Frequented by the public in order to guarantee a certain serenity. It would make it possible not to have people with Covid symptoms. ” according to Valéo officials and therefore avoid PCR tests. The aircraft manufacturer Iran Telegram Number Data Airbus is studying alternatives to the traditional in-flight magazine found in its aircraft. For economic, environmental and health reasons, the company will test a digital version using a flexible OLED screen to entertain and inform its passengers during the flight. Airbus could replace its in-flight magazines with flexible OLED screens airbus. Has patented the concept of digital in-flight magazine using a flexible OLED screen.

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Airbus: flexible OLED screens airbus

The airline partnered with Royole Technology to explore. How flexible OLED displays could be used in the airline industry. Royole is not a leading electronics manufacturer, but it has made a name. For itself in the past with FlexPai, the world’s first Ew Leads foldable smartphone. They have several advantages on paper: lighter (very important in aviation), easy to clean and disinfect, and which can be updated automatically, without physically replacing the object. In addition, passengers could also use it as a tablet to watch movies and other series during the flight. An idea that could entertain passengers. The choice of OLED is also quite natural compared to LCD: they consume less energy and are able to be folded, which makes their use as a magazine more natural for customers.

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