Artificial Intelligence a real threat to our jobs?

A study by Gartner, a consulting and research company in the field of advanced techniques, Mazars, an international group specializing in auditing, taxation and consulting, has just published, in partnership with the CSA polling institute, a study on the notoriety and image of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with the General public. This study highlights the interest and openness of the French to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms who see in it, among other things, positive perspectives in terms of major societal issues. However, despite this positive view towards AI, there is still strong concern about the risks posed by this technology, particularly in terms of cyber-hacking, invasion of privacy, risks relating to the fairness and understanding of AI results, loss of control and liability, or unauthorized or abusive transfers of personal data.

The French more or less suspicious of AI

These risks highlight the need for transparency. And the need for the absence of bias in all its forms, such as that of equity and non-discrimination. Biases that may require access to understanding the results, c that is, their “explicability”. According to Sweden WhatsApp Number Data a new study from Infosys Knowledge Institute, the research and leadership arm of Infosys. Companies can generate more than $460 billion in additional profits if three conditions are met. Improve their data practices, restore trust to advanced AI and integrating AI into business operations. The study “Infosys Data AI: Making AI a reality” reveals that although 3/4 of companies want to use AI in all their activities, they are not yet able to implement it. in place Entrepreneurs and managers are more attracted by Artificial Intelligence, especially in the beneficial aspects it can bring to their business.

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Leaders seduced by this technology

Infosys, a consulting and technology services company. Thus unveiled in January 2018 its study during which it interviewed 1,000 managers of seven different nationalities. 78% of French executives surveyed claim to have made substantial profits after deploying AI. 66% of respondents used it first, for automating business processes. This technology brings a Ew Leads certain number of advantages to companies both in terms of speed and flexibility, with optimized productivity and reduced costs. It can become a true ally in their development and transformation. In industry, its integration within the production process optimizes processing time and lets humans focus on value-added activities. In customer relationship management, it facilitates the work of employees via CRM software and improves customer service via chatbots.

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