A good LOGO will suit an online store, a T-shirt, a pen and other gadgets. Domain That is, the address of the store’s home page (. amazon or onet). The cost of registering a Polish domain is often a few or a dozen zlotys for the first year, while the subsequent renewal is usually PLN netyear. Foreign domains can cost a little more. Extension of the .de address is, for example, PLN netyear. Some can even reach PLN , year, but these are quite rare cases. How do I find out how much my domain will cost? It’s best to go to a website like name, home or other provider.

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Enter the page, choose the extension we are interested in de or other) and we will receive black and white what will be the cost of a given domain. Pl-name The price of registering an example domain whatsapp mobile number list on the site nam SSL That is data encryption. Currently, it is a must have for any online business, not just an online store. It is necessary because otherwise the browser will signal to the user that the site is unsafe. Without SSL, we will not run Google Ads product ads on it either. Free SSL, or Let’s encrypt, is available. In addition, some software – . Shoper add SSL in the subscription price.

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Therefore, the issue of the SSL certificate can be resolved free of charge. However if for some reason you cannot do not want to use the free solution – the cost of a basic, fully sufficient SSL is PLN net. to a detached  house built on a plot – the domain will become the address of our house in this case, while the server will be the plot on EW Leads house stands. When choosing SaaS software, this item does not apply to you.